I am so sad to see really good developers leaving because we are not doing products but projects

an unknown CTO

Believe it or not, I heard the above on a lunch with the whole Android team and with the CTO of the whole company that I was working for…

Do you still use it!? Have you used it? I mean the EventBus. If the answer is NO, then you are either a new developer who started Android recently or you had the wonderful opportunity to not meet this three-headed monster. What I am talking about? …

I/O video

25 Principles PDF

GV Guide to Research

App navigation and exploration

  1. Make it easy to manually change the location
  2. Where app to web transitions are needed, make them frictionless — chrome custom tabs

In app search

  1. Prominently display the search field
  2. Provide filter and sort options
  3. Add custom suggestions
  4. Add recent query suggestions

Commerce and conversions

  1. Enable comparison shopping features
  2. Make it easy to add and manage payment methods


  1. Differentiate “sign in” from “sign up” (sign in and register)
  2. Make password authentication a frictionless experience — smart lock & fingerprint & sign in hints

Form entry

  1. Build user-friendly forms
  2. Match the keyboard with the required text inputs

Usability and comprehension

  1. Provide text labels and visual keys to clarify visual information
  2. Add descriptive text to user interface controls in your application
  3. Ask for permission in context


Choose your willpower challenge on which you will want to apply the strategies from the book.

  • “I will” challenge — What is something you would like to do more of or stop putting off, because you know that doing it will improve your life?
  • “I won’t” challenge…

Redux Rules

  1. Immutable state — it should not be changeable instead is replaced. Everything that changes in your app including the date and the UI state is stored in a single object tree.
  2. State is read only — to make a change you need to dispatch an action. An action is a…


Avoid steps like:

  1. Sexy Ideas — instead solve a problem and sell a service fast
  2. My failure — don’t blame yourself
  3. Permission asking — you don’t have to ask people to start
  4. Assumptions
  5. Small stuff — waste time for logo, name and description
  6. Pricing decision — take one and just…

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